Under The covers

The Rhythm of Creativity
The "UNDER THE COVERS" poster is a visual symphony, born from a deep desire to encapsulate the soul of music and creativity.
This piece invites viewers to look beyond the surface and feel the beat of artistic expression.

Club Gymkhana

Equestrian Elegance Redefined
The 'Empty Saddle Club Gymkhana Series' poster is a tribute to the grace and beauty of equestrian pursuits. Designed for Jared Xepolis, an enthusiast of the sport, this series gallops into the sunset with undeniable style.

City Dermatology

Beauty Through Art
A mesmerizing collection for Imran Amir's dermatology clinic, these posters promise a journey into enchanting skincare treatments. Each piece is a spellbinding blend of art and beauty, inviting viewers into a world of aesthetic delight.

NHEG Posters

Celebrating Education and Growth
As part of the esteemed NHEG, these posters embody the spirit of learning and community support. Through vibrant designs, they highlight the organization's commitment to enriching the educational landscape.

The Dionysus Pub

A Toast to Creativity
The Dionysus Pub poster, crafted for the Stellar Poster competition in 2021, captures the essence of festivity and wine. This engaging design pays homage to Dionysus, inviting viewers to celebrate life's joys through art.

Unpredictable Book

Unveiling Stories
The cover for "Unpredictable" by Honey Casper stands as a testament to the power of visual storytelling. Designed to attract and intrigue, it encapsulates the book's themes with captivating imagery.

The NHEG Guide

A Beacon of Knowledge
As the main editor and designer for The NHEG Guide Magazine, I am at the forefront of creating a resource that shines a light on education. This project reflects a dedication to empowering students, parents, and educators with valuable insights.

Zax Sea View

A Glimpse into Paradise:
The brochure for Zax Sea View Summer Resort is more than just a design; it's an invitation to experience beauty and tranquility. Let me take you through the journey of creating this picturesque piece.

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