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Pamla Clark

Founder/ Executive Director of 

New Heights Educational Group.

Designer & Editor of the  magazine.


Since 2016, I have partnered remotely with Pamela Clark, Executive Director of the NHEG Foundation. I’m also the assistant director of digital development for social media.

We decided to create an organisation magazine. This journal covers the latest educational developments.

I am glad that I have the opportunity to showcase my design and editorial skills on a recent project for an organization’s magazine. The journal was created to cover the latest educational developments, and I was thrilled to be involved in bringing it to life.

As part of the project, I worked closely with Pamela and the organization’s team to understand their vision and goals for the magazine. From there, I developed a design concept that would effectively communicate the content and message of the publication.

I utilized my design skills to create a visually engaging layout that incorporated dynamic typography, compelling imagery, and strategic use of negative space. The resulting design was both modern and professional, capturing the attention of readers and enhancing the overall impact of the content.

In addition to the design work, I also utilized my editorial skills to help shape the tone and voice of the magazine. I worked closely with Pamela Clark to craft compelling headlines, engaging articles, and clear, concise copy that effectively conveyed the educational developments being covered in the publication.

Overall, I’m proud to have contributed my design and editorial skills to this important project and to have played a role in bringing the organization’s message to a wider audience.

As part of the NHEG team, we won the GLOBE AWARDS – MEDIA HERO OF THE YEAR“.

You can view the whole collection of the magazines HERE.

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