Honey Kasper.

Book Cover Design


I’m excited to present my work on the book cover design for “Unpredictable: Walking in and out of the dark.” This project was especially meaningful to me because I had the opportunity to collaborate with the talented artist and writer Honey Kasper, who provided an outstanding painting for the front cover.

As I read through the story, I was able to connect with each paragraph and gain a deeper understanding of the author’s vision. 

Kasper’s painting was a lively and abstract artwork that effectively portrayed the emotional essence of the book. The painting showcased bold, swirling trees in lush hues of green, light yellow, and brown, which evoked the peaceful and serene aspects of mental health struggles. Drawing inspiration from this captivating artwork, I endeavored to create a book cover design that would capture the same vitality and emotion.

To complement the painting, I chose a simple, elegant font for the title and author name. The font is sleek and modern, with a sense of sophistication that reflects the depth and complexity of the book’s subject matter.

Overall, I believe that the design for the “Unpredictable: Walking in and out of the dark.” book cover effectively captures the essence of the book, while also showcasing the stunning artwork that Kasper provided.

You can view the printed book HERE.

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